Saturday, January 3, 2009

Roughing It in Guangzhou, China

Van and Garrett are having a blast! I would write more about what has happened since yesterday, but since I was up until 3 am talking to Van, I really do not remember very much. I usually write it down...last night, not so much. I am so tired. I did get a one hour nap in today sort of.
Basically, the flight to Guangzhou went smoothly. The other travel group members did not have it so easy, and we have heard nightmare stories about their flights. I heard one in particular...Van heard more.

Thank goodness, they are safe and sound at the White Swan. This is a VERY luxurious hotel. I soooooooooo miss this part of the trip. Think "Fantasy Island" when you think of Shamian Island. Garrett and Van are doing very well. Garrett is having the time of his life with all of the other children. He plays well with them. I keep hearing Van telling me that Garrett is very big for his age. He says the other parents are always commenting on that too. Guess I won't be having too many "Angelina Jolie" Kodak moments with my two babies on my hips. Van says that Garrett recognizes his name now, that he is very social, and that he is testing his limits a little bit and learning the word "No" from his Daddy.

Here are some pictures of their time together lately. There are some of them on their last day in Hohhot, then at the airport, and then at the White Swan and surrounding areas. I also received some videos that I will try to post as well.

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