Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home at Last!

Garrett is home, and we are settling down into what feels like the greatest adventure of our lives. He is FULL of energy, into everything, and is just the sweetest little boy in the entire world. I simply cannot believe how trusting he is, and how he seems to just fit right into everything. He is the perfect addition to our family. I cannot say that I am surprised about that as I truly believe he was meant to be ours all along. Garrett is such a funny little kid. He just makes you smile because he is so darn cute and has this personality that is truly like "the life of the party". I thought it would take him a long time to settle in just as it did Gracie. Instead, he acts as if he has always been here with us. It is amazing to watch him. He has picked up English already, and seems to understand the basics. We point a lot. :) He said, "Please" yesterday. Garrett is up like clockwork the past three nights at 3 am, and we are out of bed at 4 am simply because I cannot get him back to sleep. He eats like a kid who has never had food. He LOVES to eat, and I think he will eventually eat us out of house and home if this continues. So far this morning, he has eaten two yogurts, a bowl of Cheerios, juice, crackers, and cheese, and it is only 5:30 am. He is so loving. I got my first kiss yesterday and it was spontaneous. He calls me Mama and he follows me around. If I am not in the room, he looks for me. Yesterday, he and Gracie were rolling around on my bed and he just snuggled right up to her, and laid there with his head on her shoulder looking at her. He loves his sister, and she loves him. She is a great big sister. Van went back to work for a few hours yesterday, but is still suffering the effects of jet lag. His body clock and Garrett's are still off. Here are some cute shots. One of them I borrowed from Jorja's blog. They must have taken it while they were in China with Van and Garrett. My sister says he is saying, "Touchdown Tigers"! I believe she may be right. If he continues to eat like this, he may be on the team someday playing defense. LOL. Just wanted to let you all know that we are so excited to have him home, and everybody is doing great!
To Van's Travel Group:
I so wish that I had been able to get to know all of you in China. Van says it was a great travel group, and he and Garrett had a fantastic time. Maybe we can arrange future get-togethers so that I can get aquainted with you and your families too. I would love to do that. I have heard so much about you all. I feel like I already know you. Thanks to all of you who looked out for Van while I wasn't with him especially when he burned his stomach. I cannot believe I forgot to pack the Tylenol and Advil for him on this trip. Crazy!!!! I have enjoyed seeing and reading everyone's blogs. You have beautiful families!


Jodi said...

So glad the entire family is doing well! We could all set up a chat room at 4am! :) The entire group in China were amazed at how Garrett and Van's personalities were similar!
Congratulations on your beautiful family!!

~Jodi (Jorja's mom!)
Glad you found that photo - I was going to email it to you - I thought it was adorable too!

epin said...

So glad that you guys are doing well and so happy that Garrett is finally home with his family. Much love to you guys.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I too have some really cute pics of Garrett! Our big girls, Sara and Lauren, really had fun with him. He is such a cute little guy and full of personality! We so much enjoyed spending time with Van! Lucy and Doug (Alaina's parents)

bugs parents said...

Get togethers sound wonderful to us! We're so sorry you were not able to be on the trip with us. Van did a great job with Garrett.

I love the pictures of Gracie and Garrett together. They look like they are getting along so well.

We'll be in touch soon!