Sunday, January 11, 2009

Final Post from Van in China was Missed.

The Zoo Post from Van:

It's time for a special day, and I slept later than normal. Today is the zoo trip. This should make Garrett really happy since he reacted to the horses and dinosaurs at the museum in Inner Mongolia. We are waking up a little later every morning. Garrett though is falling asleep without having me to lay with him. He loves to sleep, that's for sure. We have another great breakfast and meet more families that had just adopted. The Christmas decorations have disappeared. We get back to the hotel room, and while preparing for the trip, I have a pretty serious accident. While trying to kill any germs on the sippy cups, I had boiled water in the hotel provided tea kettle. I normally do this at night, while Garrett is sleeping, but fell asleep early and forgot. I make sure Garrett is in the other room, and start to pour the recently boiled water over the mouthpiece and inside the cup. While pouring in the cup, I was preparing to pour it around when it slipped, pouring quite a bit onto my hand which I jumped and it poured onto my stomach. Well, I can tell you that it hurt!! I was really concerned about this, and quickly threw down towels and then grabbed a smaller towel to soak into cold water. I had a shirt on, which helped a little, but I knew I had really burned myself and was worried that it would require a doctor's visit. After about 15 minutes, it had turned red, but no blistering. I considered not going, and if blisters had formed, I would've stayed behind. I really didn't want to miss the zoo. I put on some moisterizing cream, and then head down to the meeting place. Once I get there, I let the guides know what had occurred. Rebeccca immediately takes me over to get a stroller, since carrying Garrett was out of the question now. Lilly is going to get me some burn cream. I feel okay, but my stomach is burned and it is painful. We get on the bus, which Garrett loves riding the bus. He just looks at the cars and peoples. A very easy going child! I look at the burn to make sure no blistering or separation of skin has occurred. The trip to the zoo is about 30 minutes. We get there, and Rebecca lets everyone knows that the zoo is gigantic, and it would be best to stay together since we will be leaving from a different gate than we entered. We get to see a ton of animals. The zoo is fantastic because you feel like you are away from the city, and it is in a tropical forest. They have everything here, and just as impressive as the National Zoo. Garrett just points at all the animals. He is throroughly enjoying it. I take a ton of pictures. The animals are all out and are very photogenic. This and the other trips are very relaxing for the families. I really enjoy these spacious, beautiful parks and we are all in very good spirits. The camera swinging and hitting my stomach from time to time is a pain, but I'm so happy that nothing prevented this great moment with our son. He smiles a lot and points then waves to everyone.We go to a local restaurant where they have the lazy Susans again. We eat a good lunch, with a very interesting yam dish where they are very hot, and you must stick them in water, and a glaze covers them when they cool. We are all thirsty, and it seems the room is a bit warmer than we care. It is another good Chinese meal otherwise. We get back to the hotel, where Lilly gives me the burn cream she has purchased. I immediately put it on and smell like I've been marinated in soy sauce with sesame butter. We take a good long nap, but I stay up to try to catch up on the journals. We hear a tap on the door, and the dinner plans for 6:30 p.m. has changed to 6 p.m. I get Garrett up and we walk with the group towards the Victory Hotel to pickup the rest of our group. I also drop off some laundry. We walk to the far east side of the island, to a newer Italian restaurant. The manager is definitely from Italy since I talked with him later outside. We sit on the top floor in two very long tables. Garrett is munching on the breadsticks. I ordered plain spaghetti with just a light butter on it for Garrett, and I get the grilled salmon. Everyone else gets more traditional lasagna and spaghetti dishes. It is a very nice restaurant, and I enjoy talking with Robert, Pam, Bryan and Jodi who are sitting at my table. This is a good close group. After the nice meal, we take a walk along the outside of the island on the river bank. They have lighted up the river bank outline with marquee running lights, just much bigger and wider! There is also a building that is like a large TV, at least 30 stories high, showing motion pictures and commercials. Never seen anything this large on a building. It is a lovely night and a very peaceful walk back to the hotel. We decide to take a detour and have an ice cream at the Deli Shop next to the White Swan. Garrett enjoys the vanilla ice cream, but doesn't care for the chocolate. No problem, Daddy can take care of that issue! Garrett plays a little, and it's time for bed. Garrett falls asleep in my arms just as I lift him up. Very sweet child that I've really bonded with in a short time. I have no doubt that Mommy and Gracie will have the same luck. I'm so looking forward to seeing Gracie and Garrett play. Garrett is a toddler, but still have enough baby that Madeline will have a mother/child bonding moment to cherish.

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