Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At the Zoo in Guangzhou

First off, I spoke to Van this morning and he informed me that he burned his stomach while rinsing out Garrett's sippy cup with boiling water. He said it is a second degree burn and that the guides went to a pharmacy and got him some burn cream to put on it. He says it hurt A LOT, but he went ahead with the group to the zoo afterwards anyway. He sent me pics and it looks like a bad sunburn (no blistering, thank goodness) and he says that is how it feels. OUCH!

Next, they went to the Guangzhou Zoo. He says it is one of the nicest zoos he has seen. They saw a Panda (1), and Garrett had a blast seeing all of the animals and playing with the other children. Here are some pictures. One of my favorites came from Stephanie who emailed me this morning to let me know what a great job Van is doing with Garrett. I knew he would be fantastic with Garrett on this trip because he is such a loving, devoted Daddy. But it is sure sweet to hear it from others too. I am so proud of Van!

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