Sunday, January 4, 2009


Garrett is saying Mama in this video. I think Van thinks he is saying it or learning the word just for me, but I think he is missing his foster mother who he also called Mama. Makes me sad because I see a far off look in his eyes. I am sure he wonders where they are and what has happened. Poor baby!

On top of that, I received the translation of the note that had been brought with Garrett to Gotcha Day from my friend, Epin, who had it translated by her family. Thank you, Epin!!!! Thank you so much!!! It made me cry again. It seems I am doing that a lot lately. The note was from his foster parents. Basically, it translated to say that they think of Garrett as their biological son, and they are heartbroken, and they just want to see him one last time. I am so thankful that we had the courage to take him back to Baotou to see them that day. Not every new adoptive parent does that because of the trauma it can cause to the child again. We felt we needed to do that for Garrett in the long run. Even though he would be confused and sad initially, we knew someday he would want that meeting to have taken place. It was either go to Baotou and meet them/see them with Garrett or not go at all. Thank God that Van was able to do that. I am sure it gave them some peace of mind to meet Van and see how loving and caring he is with Garrett. But I know they are still grieving and so is my baby boy. He misses his Mama, Mrs. Chung, and his Baba, Mr. Chung. They will always be a very special family in Garrett's life, and someday they will see him again when we can afford a trip back to China with both of our children.

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