Monday, January 5, 2009

The Pearl Market and Pizza Hut

Van went to the pearl market today on a trip with the travel group. Here are the young ladies who string the pearls by hand. They are so beautiful! The work is very intricate and their fingers move so fast. It is amazing to watch them work.
The group also ate pizza at Pizza Hut. Yes, they have Pizza Hut in Guangzhou. They also have McDonalds. Van did not have to eat that snake. THAT my friends was purely the result of male peer pressure!


Patricia/NYC said...

Ahhhhhh! All of these GZ photos took me right back!!

Only a few days longer, Madeline!!

Dee said...

Hi I found your blog through Jodi Sue and Bryan's Blog, my husband and I are traveling Friday to Guangzhou to adopt our daughter. I am VERY excited to see the markets and the pearls that I will be buying! Are they very expensive?

Stephanie said...

It's all taking me back! I'm with Patricia on that for sure. Flashbacks! How fun that Van is there with Stef and her sister!

Dee said...

Thanks so much for the info. It is so wonderful to see your husband and son. I am sure you are so excited to see them again too. I see you are in VA, we have family there, in Glen Allen and the surrounding area. We go Oak Island NC every year with them. Nice to see you are close, we are in Chiacgo.