Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Many Posts These Days, Sorry!

Well, my friend and I used to share a joke about the "Man Cold" (Look it up on Youtube, it is hilarious!), but this cold beats that one by a mile. Garrett came home with some POWERFUL Mongolian cold germs. And he is slowly on the mend thanks to antibiotics for an ear infection and whatever other monster he was carrying with him. I, on the other hand, was given nothin' to fight this, but over the counter stuff which is not really helping much. So, there have been very few posts coming from me. :) I will try to post more soon. Gracie and Van have remained cold free so that is really good for them.

We are doing ok though, much better than I anticipated. Garrett seems to feel very safe and comfortable. He is the happiest kid! He is sleeping in his own bed at night, and has stopped getting up out of bed in the middle of the night for long periods of time for the most part. He is still fighting the cold which makes him a bit cranky at night, and he cries some, but I am sleeping right next to him most nights (since I have the same wierd germs anyway), and he goes back to sleep when he is talked to and held. He is a remarkable baby.

The foster parents definitely expected things of him, and it is funny to watch him push in his chair and ours after eating. He hands you his plate or bowl when he is finished. He puts away his toys. If he spills something, he immediately goes to pick it up and hand it to me even if it is just a crumb. He communicates very well with pointing at things to let us know what he wants. He is trying to talk and has said "please, car, socks, Gracie, Mama, Dada, more, and his best word is the word, No (because he hears that one a lot)" His motor skills are pretty good. He does have a bit of a coordination issue with getting up and down stairs, but he is learning. He walks into things a lot, but I guess two year olds do that. He is VERY active. But all in all, he is a sweetheart. He screams these loud pitched squeals if he thinks someone (mainly Gracie) is taking something away from him, and he will tell on Gracie by pointing at her angrily if that happens. But afterwards he will put his finger up to his mouth to say he is being quiet. He is a good little boy, and we are so happy to have him home. He is very attached to me now, almost a little too much. He kind of cries if Van takes him out of my arms. That was unexpected. I thought he would want nothing to do with me for a while, and would want Van to take care of his every need. He loves to take baths now. He copies Gracie's every move. He has been hitting her some which we are trying to stop. He also does this thing where he blows rasberries in her face and ous if we make him upset. It is not good. And he is sick which makes it even more gross. He still eats everything, and then some. The boy is going to be big! He is in the 75th% for height and the 80th% for weight. He got a flu shot last week, and we will start the immunizations in a week or so when he is well. I am also going to make an appointment soon for Garrett to be seen by the cleft lip and palate team in Washington DC at Children's Hospital.

That's it for now. I am hoping that we get well soon so that we can actually see people. Believe me, no one wants these germs. YUCK. It is the worst cold I have ever had I think. Feel sorry for me? Not so much, huh? It is only a cold, right? It could be MUCH worse. LOL.


Patricia/NYC said...

Ohhh, Madeline, so sorry to hear you & Garrett are not feeling well...that is so not fun when you have little ones running circles around you too! Make sure you take CARE of YOURSELF!! I just came off of a nasty sinus infection which started with a bad cold...NOT FUN!!
LOTS of tea with lemon & honey!
Aside from that, so glad to hear Garrett is settling in so well with all of you!! WONDERFUL news!

bugs parents said...

We've got that yucky crud around here too. Not sure if it came back from China or was waiting for us. Either way, I'm more than ready for it to be gone!

Hope you're feeling better soon. We'd love to get together when everyone is feeling better.

epin said...

Feel better!

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