Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daddy Plays Dress Up

Beginning the game...
What a ham! (and a GREAT FATHER!)
Daddy LOSES to Gracie! He is NOT a princess anymore.
Doing the "Fancy Pants Dance" and basking in her glory!
Look at the JOY!

Gracie and her Daddy played the princess game, and Van lost, of course. Gracie's joy could not be contained. And as you can see from the pictures, she is quite competitive. She was absolutely basking in her victory. I could not resist taking pictures of them together.

Just A Cute Picture

We love our next door neighbor and babysitter, Nick!!! I just like this picture of all of them together.

Garrett's Big Boy Haircut

Here he is getting all of that beautiful hair of his trimmed short for his new look. What a cutie he is!

Mother's Day Tea Party

Gracie and I wanted to something special for our friends, Grace and Delores, so we organized a Mother's Day Tea Party for them the Friday before Mother's Day. The children dressed up in their fanciest dress up clothes. We also wanted to honor Grace's, and Gracie's and Garrett's birthmothers and foster mother in China at the same time. This was a great occasion for all of us. The children planted flowers in pots to remind them that they started their lives in China with their birthmothers and foster mother. But we are their mothers here on Earth that are here to love them and help them as they grow up. They wore a corsage too. We even said a prayer and lit some candles. It was a wonderful day, and one we will not forget.