Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Cars

I picked these cars up recently at a yard sale, and the kids love driving them around the house and outside. Here they are in their new cars. Christopher and Nick were hanging out with us that day. They are in one of the pictures too.

Gracie's and Daddy's Spring Garden

Gracie and Daddy planted their spring garden together. Here are some pics. Garrett would have participated too, but he was napping during that time. They planted strawberries too. Gracie is very excited about her plants, and she checks and waters them daily.

Dressing Up, Dancing, and Simple Pleasures

Cowboy Garrett to Cowgirl Gracie: "Did I eat too many BEANS?"

Yes, that is Gracie's dance outfit that Garrett is wearing! I guess I need to find some clothing for him that is more boyish looking. But the lavender sure looks pretty, huh?

There have been so many times when Gracie has wanted to play dress up lately, and Garrett...well...wants to do just whatever Gracie does and he wants to wear what Gracie wears too! Some of these pics will come in handy for us later in his life when we want to get him back for something...Awwwww, the simple pleasures in life are so sweet! These kids make me laugh so much! They are such cut-ups. And they are getting along great! Gracie is the boss and Garrett just follows. Bless his heart!


Here are some great shots of us as we got ready for church on Easter Sunday. We have made the decision to switch churches and basically religions in the process. I was raised Catholic. Our new church, Gainesville United Methodist, is so wonderful! We are thanking God that we have great neighbors, Patty, Jason, Chris, and Nick who lead us to find the church we have longed to find. We are definitely on the right path now, and the children love it! I am learning a lot. The kids attend "Children's Church" during the service where they learn about the Word of God and how to better live their lives while having a close relationship with Jesus. Our pastor is Pastor John. The youth director we have gotten to know very well through our neighbors is Drew. The kids also got to meet the Easter bunny and do crafts and games at the church which was great fun for them. The motto of the church is it is "a place where children are seen and heard". I love that! This weekend is a fellowship service where we get to meet other members of the church that attend earlier or later services. Everyone brings food to share, and we get to have fellowship with other members. I don't think that we could find a better church family. Our doctor, Dr. Shupe, also attends the church with her children, and she sat behind us last week. She is so loved by our family, and we are so excited to be meeting new people and sharing in the Word of God with them. Here are the photos of our sweet kids. Garrett did not like the Easter bunny and cried when he sat on his lap. Cute nonetheless!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Garrett Meets Nai-Nai and Papa Bill in TN.

We enjoyed visiting with Aline and Bill at their home, and we went out to eat to a Chinese restaurant with them too. It was great to see them! Here are some pics. They were such great pictures that I had a hard time choosing which ones to put on so I put them all. Garrett was so affectionate towards his Nai-Nai. He absolutely loves her! So does Gracie! Grandparents make life so special.