Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dressing Up, Dancing, and Simple Pleasures

Cowboy Garrett to Cowgirl Gracie: "Did I eat too many BEANS?"

Yes, that is Gracie's dance outfit that Garrett is wearing! I guess I need to find some clothing for him that is more boyish looking. But the lavender sure looks pretty, huh?

There have been so many times when Gracie has wanted to play dress up lately, and Garrett...well...wants to do just whatever Gracie does and he wants to wear what Gracie wears too! Some of these pics will come in handy for us later in his life when we want to get him back for something...Awwwww, the simple pleasures in life are so sweet! These kids make me laugh so much! They are such cut-ups. And they are getting along great! Gracie is the boss and Garrett just follows. Bless his heart!

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GrantsMama said...

all these pics are so cute! Love to see my favorite niece and nephew having so much fun :)