Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Things here are going well. If we could all get physically healthy, then things would be even better. ;) I have finished with my antibiotics and Garrett is almost finished with his. He still has a cold, but seems to feel ok.
Garrett has settled into the routine, and he is doing remarkably well for only having been home a few weeks. He acts like he has been with us forever already, and seems very happy and content in his new house with his new family.
Gracie is doing well too. She loves her baby brother, but is often heard saying things like,
"I have had enough of you."
"I wish he wasn't here yet because he hits."
"You are annoying, Garrett."
All of the big sister type words of wisdom, she has down completely...
"Enough already, Garrett."
She also says, "I love you, Garrett."
Here are some of the latest pictures of the family.


GrantsMama said...

LOVE THE PICS! You have such a beautiful family.

Grace McHugh said...

Garrett looks so tall! I so understand Gracie's frustrations. Rory was almost three when Emily came home and he would say "momma she comes in my room and hits and screams." So I told him to just run! They are now the best of friends. Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

Avonlea said stuff like this when Adam came home too. Like..."Adam's going bye-bye" Not as a question...but as a statement. Now...almost 2 years home. Best of buds...most of the time :)

bugs parents said...

Great pictures. I don't think Van's smile can get any wider!

I hope you all are feeling better soon. It's tough to keep passing the bug around.

Happy Chinese New Year to your family!