Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The First Snow and More Chinese New Year Family Pics

Gracie and Garrett went out in the snow yesterday, and enjoyed a good time with their Daddy and neighborhood friends on sleds. They had a great time making snowballs and snow angels. Here are some pictues of them in their winter wonderland. Daddy looks cute in his hat too!


Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Good to hear you all are feeling better! Please let us know if you are ever in or near ATL - we'd love to have you over to our house or meet for dinner! Enjoy the snow - we rarely see any!

Patricia/NYC said...

So glad to see you are all feeling better! Great photos! Love the snow angel! And the CNY pics are just beautiful too!

P.S. Madeline, your hair looks so beautiful!! I remember way back when you cut it really short! I can't believe how long it is now!

FIY said...

Thanks the Garrett picture which you pass on! My mother thanks you, the Garrett leg a little problem, hopes on him stair's time, can pay attention to! The Garrett courage is very small, a person does not dare in the home, hoped that do not let him be lonely! My family has come a child, very good, if you also want, may adopt! My mother wants to send a souvenir to Garrett, did not know how can send, hoped that you can give an address! Thanks