Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AN UPDATE! Garrett has seen pictures of us!

We received 20 additional pictures today from Serena in China, who is the China Care representative! Our adoption agency staff forwarded these to us this afternoon. Prayers have been answered! I was so hoping we would see Garrett with all of the things that we had sent to him in his care package last month. And they got them, and sent pictures of him opening them! Because of recent news that China Care would no longer be in contact with the American adoptive families, we were not sure we would see these. China care is trying to become accredited with the Chinese gov't and these contacts they have with adoptive families are not considered acceptable by the gov't. It is NOT the norm. So, we are incredibly LUCKY that we received anything. We sent one package to Garrett and one additional package to his foster parents. He is wearing the clothing we sent (Think Auburn colors orange and blue and Go Tigers!) and is playing with the toys. The most precious picture of all though is Garrett looking at OUR photos in the baby photograph album we sent to him. He has seen his family at last! And we now have pictures of both his foster mother and foster father in China. I wanted Garrett to have pictures of both of them as he grew up to remember his Chinese foster family. We feel so blessed, so excited, so overwhelmed with joy just knowing that he will most likely recognize Van when he goes to China to get him now, and he will recognize Gracie and me when he comes home from China. The pictures are amazing. He has grown, has gotten a big boy haircut (shaved...I hope they let it grow out) and he has a great smile with lots of teeth. We can see his top teeth and bottom....the cleft palate is effecting the way they have grown in, but he has them which is wonderful. We are so so happy! Thank you, China Care, Baotou City SWI, and Small World Adoptions! We are forever grateful for all that you do!


tiffany said...

Your son is so handsome and so loved. :)

Mike & Ramona said...

These pictures are great! How lucky you are to have them! And how great it will be for Garrett to have these as he grows up!