Tuesday, March 18, 2008

January 2, 2008... My Mom Passes Away

On January 2nd, my mom who suffered greatly for the past four years with Alzheimer's disease and strokes passed away. We are sad to know that we will never see her again here on Earth, but we know that she is finally at peace and is at home in Heaven. May she rest in peace and be surrounded by the love of her Savior, Jesus Christ. We also find comfort in knowing that she is reunited with my father, Edward, and her entire family.

This is another bump in the road for us as far as the paperwork goes, but I am reminded that Garrett will come home in God's time. It may be taking us a little longer to get to him, but we will bring him home.


Amy said...

I am so sorry!
Just rejoice knowing that she is dancing with your daddy again! :)

Amy K

Grace McHugh said...

I was sorry to read of your mom's passing. I rejoice with you as we know where she is. She is restored to a perfect body and is laughing with your daddy. Praise the Lord for the hope of new life and seeing her again!

Grace M. McHugh (group 864)