Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gracie is Growing Up

It is happening so fast! It really is amazing to watch her. Her language and her vocabulary has come very far in the past six months. My little baby is no longer a baby! It is hard to even think of her as a toddler now...She is such a little girl. Van and I were just talking about that the other day. Where has the time gone? What a personality Gracie has. She loves to laugh and sing and joke around. Some of my favorite things she says now are, "Don't even think about it." and "No way!". If she doesn't like something, she will say, "I am not really into that." and she will say to her dog, "Sugar, you're a mess!" She loves the "Sound of Music" cd and sings "Do Re Me" in the car. She now makes up her own songs. We go to the library a lot. Her favorite books are the Curious George books and we have probably read every one of them 3-4 times. Gracie is a negotiator. You tell her she can have one of something, and she will say, "How about two, Mama?" or "Let's make that three.". LOL. She is adventurous. This girl plays rough and tumble tough, and she loves being outdoors. She loves her scooter and her new Dora helmet and crash pads. Gracie will NOT let me put any bows in her hair. Too fussy for her! She likes games like Candy Land, High Ho Cherrio, Hungry Hungry Hippos, etc. She goes to sleep at night wanting her back scratched. She plays with her new dog, Sugar, and loves her very much. And of course, she loves her two cats. There is a new television show that we watch a lot besides Caillou now. It is Ni Hao, Kai-Lan...a very sweet cartoon that has a little Chinese American girl as the main character. Gracie is learning to speak some Chinese now because of the show. She is writing and drawing, cutting up paper, and glueing things all the time. She loves to bake and cook, LOVES to go to Pickle Bob's for ice cream with sprinkles, and she makes us laugh hard everyday. Above all, our daughter has a heart of PURE gold. She is the sweetest girl on the planet we think. When I hold her in my arms, I never want to let her go. When she laughs and smiles, she sparkles. I thank God every single day for giving me one of the greatest blessings of my life, my daughter, Gracie. I also thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful, loving husband. Van is the best, the very best! And we just celebrated 10 years together. Thank you, Van, for being the true love of my life!


kris said...

I SO hope my little girl has as much spunk! I was laughing out loud reading this... and I'm SO GLAD YOU'RE BLOGGING!!! Welcome to a really great on-line world, like no other.

Gracie is as CUTE as ever and I can't believe how much she has grown!

Patricia/NYC said...

I am sitting here laughing out loud!! Gracie is tooo cute!! And what a negotiator! These girls are just too darn smart for US!! lol!

LOVE that you're blogging now!! Don't forget to visit us at when you get a chance! ;)