Tuesday, March 18, 2008

June 20, 2007...A Response To My Questions

I received the following response from Small World about Garrett. The answers were provided so quickly by the China care staff.

Here are some answers to the questions:
1. 郝晨光是用唇腭裂专用奶嘴喝奶,奶瓶是普通奶瓶。他早上起床以及晚上睡觉前都要和一次奶,其他时间则是大约4 个小时和一次奶
Hao Chun Guang is using cleft nipples (Pigeon brand), the bottle is a regular bottle. He takes formula when he get up and before he fall asleep. During daytime he will take formula every four hours.
2. 郝晨光现在可以吃多种固体食物,如面条,饺子,馒头,菜,肉等。但多是把这些固体食物捣碎了或是撕烂了吃。
Chen Guang eats a lot of kind of solid food, such as noodle, Jiaozi, steamed bread, vegetables, meat. But all the solid food should be cooked very soft or mashed or tear to small peace
3. 他并不经常患上呼吸道感染,但是会经常咳嗽咳痰,现在已经好多了,近一段时间也不怎么咳嗽咳痰。我也不清楚这个孩子是不是被医生检查过在 Chinacare里。
He doesn't have much upper respiratory infections, but still often coughs and has lots of phlegm. Recently, he is much better, less cough and less phlegm.
He has already recovered from bronchitis, now he doesn't have this problem. During winter, some kids are easy to get bronchitis for they are weak and then need IV. When they grow up, their condition will be stable.
4. 他现在有五颗牙了,上面两颗,下面三颗,牙齿形态以及位置看起来并没有太大异常。
He has five teeth now, two up and three down. The teeth and the position seem normally.
5. 但是他的腭裂对他的牙床尤其是门牙附近的牙床是有影响的
6. (asked hospital for first surgical records)
7. 目前身高:73cm , 体重: 10kHeight:73cm, weight10kg.

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