Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Here is Miss Gracie as she was on the search for more eggs in the house this morning. We had so much fun with her when she woke up. Her excitement started when her eyes opened very early asking, "Has the Easter Bunny come?" and "Is it Easter, Mommy?" The Easter Bunny sure was good to Gracie. She had a full basket complete with Sea Monkeys, a yellow stuffed rabbit, playdoh eggs, an aqua doodle Dora booklet, and lots of little treats...Reese's eggs, one of her favorites. She was so cute going through everything and smiling the whole time. She also sat on the Easter Bunny's lap yesterday at the mall and had her picture made with him. She loved every second of that and wasn't afraid of him this year. It was a very busy day for all of us, and we enjoyed every minute of it.


kris said...

Happy Easter Madeline and family!! Gracie looks SO adorable :O)

Mike & Ramona said...

Happy Easter! Looks like Gracie had a great time!