Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Update from China Care

More updates on our son from China Care...

February 15, 2008

Chen Guang is a strong boy and he is walking now!
The boy can say something like " Ma Ma, Ba Ba", but not too much.
He looks a little shy and does not like talking with strangers.
Cheng Guang has a good stomach. He likes to eat egg, rice, noodles, pork, dumpling, bean curd and some green vegetables. Also he likes to eat apple, orange, banana and peach.
The boy likes to play some toys with voice.
He likes to listen to music and watch TV.
He can imitate something from watching TV sometimes.
He does not like to play with strangers.
His foster parents have two grown children; their daughter is married and their son is studying at university.
The boys height: 83cm
The boys weight:14kg (30 pounds!!!)

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