Tuesday, March 18, 2008

June 7, 2007 ...We are Approved to Pursue Garrett's Adoption

Janell and Kathy at Small World sent me an email today saying we were approved, and "Congratulations! It's a BOY!"

This is the announcement to family and friends that we sent out today in celebration of our new baby boy...

We just have to share the GREAT news!
We have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy!!!
We announce our new son and brother,
Van Garrett Chenguang!
I know so many of you are in total shock!
Well, we are too. :)

The Lord truly, TRULY works in mysterious and amazing ways! Can you even believe it? Just a week ago ago, Van and I were wondering why we had not even started our paperchase for our next baby from China with our agency, CCAI, and now we know why!!! Our baby was on another adoption agency's waiting child list!

WE ARE STILL IN TOTAL SHOCK!!! We just had to share the INCREDIBLE, SUDDEN, FANTASTIC news that we cannot even yet believe. Our loving Father in Heaven has blessed us with another beautiful, perfect baby in China. He is absolutely and totally meant for our family. We are over the moon in love with him, and we cannot wait to bring our first son home. Gracie has a little brother!!!! And we are proud parents again!

Introducing: Van Garrett Chenguang!!!
Chinese name: Hao Chen Guang
DOB: July 26, 2006
Waiting for us in: Baotou City SWI/ Nei Meng-gu Autonomy (InnerMongolia!!!)
Medical situation: Cleft lip/palate (post cleft lip surgery) and awaiting cleft palate surgery
He has the chubbiest little cheeks! He is described as happy, healthy, seldom sick, active, sunny, tempersome sometimes, and has no patience!!! LOL. We love that!!! He has the cutest little grin (like his Daddy) in some of his pictures. We have received 109 pictures of him so far!!! And He seems to be very well taken care of.
Garrett is a China Care Foundation baby...This is a VERY BIG deal, and we feel so incredibly fortunate that he is receiving extraordinary care in China.
See their website.
He has been in foster care since he was found at one day old.
Our agency: Small World Adoptions
Now, we just have to start and complete the paperwork to get him home!

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