Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Waiting...Some Fun To Read "Gracie Moments"

Anyone feel like they have aged a little during this adoption process? Then, you can definitely appreciate this...

I was holding Gracie in my arms the other day and I was looking down into her eyes. Gracie says to me, "Mommy, what are those stripes on your face?"

And my repsonse, of course, "Those are wrinkles, Gracie. Thanks for noticing." :)

At the Asian Garden Restaurant a few weeks ago, Gracie points out a couple in the seats in front of us. Loudly, she says, "Mommy, that guy doesn't have any hair! Why doesn't that guy have any hair? His head is all pink." The poor gentleman was bald.

Also, at the restaurant, Gracie decides that she needs to "do her business" while we are eating. She is standing in the booth next to me, and has suddenly some extremely foul smelling gas. So, I am DYING at this point because there is a man directly behind us in the next booth. I could see his shoulders shaking so I knew he was laughing very hard. I said, "I am so sorry, sir. I have a three year old here, and she has gas." The next thing I am trying to do is to get her to stand next to our table instead of standing up in the booth so that the smell migrates somewhere else...And I tell her quietly, "Gracie, they do not want to smell that." She says to me very loudly, "Mommy, why don't those guys want to smell my poop?"

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