Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Questions for China Care about Garrett

This is the email I sent today, June 13, 2007, about Garrett...

Hello again, Small World Staff,

Now that we have completed some of the paperwork and I have had time to think, I do have a few questions about Garrett for you.

I also have a friend that is a speech therapist and she told me to ask these questions regarding Garrett. I was wondering if you could ask about him and find out the answers for these questions from the orphanage or China Care representatives.

How he is nursing -- Does he use a special cleft nipple/bottle?

Does he eat solid food or is everything mashed for him?

Has he had many upper respiratory infections? Sometimes cleft palate babies are prone to respiratory infections because they have trouble keeping their food out of their respiratory system. I noticed that he had bronchitus on his report. Is he well now? Is he being seen/monitored by a doctor through China Care?

His teeth will likely be displaced as they come in; he may have some missing tooth buds. I noticed that the report says he has four teeth already. Are they displaced?

Does the cleft palate effect his gumline in the front of his mouth?

If he has already had lip surgery, I'd be sure to ask for all the medical/surgical records so your maxilofacial surgeon will have those to look at past treatment and plan further treatment. Is it possible to get those?

Also, can you please tell me who to contact with China Care to keep up with Garrett's progress, if that is possible. Someone online told me that there are people that I can keep in contact with in China/Beijing and that I can send care packages to Garrett, etc. One lady with a child from Baotou said that the China Care rep sent her hundreds of pictures during her wait and also videos of her child. How wonderful that would be!

What is his current weight? height? etc

Thanks so much, Kathy. I know this is a lot. Just let me know if I am asking too much. I might be. I am already a concerned Mommy.



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