Monday, March 24, 2008

Naughty, but too funny not to write down

Gracie's newest thing:

If she does something that is naughty, and I tell her, "That is not funny, Gracie.", she will laugh and say, "But it's funny to me, Mama". (That may be true, but...)

If she wants to get my attention while I am very busy, she will say, "But, Mama, this is important for YOU."

If I have to go on several errands with her and I tell her, "Gracie, we are going to Target first (for example...but we do LIVE there). Then we are going to ______." , she will say, "Let's go to PetSmart first, then we can go to Target next." or "Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese first, then go to Target next." She will replace my errands for the morning with her own agenda for the day...of course, making her outing idea the highest priority. And her outings are never something we have discussed even doing! LOL.

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Patricia/NYC said...

You got yourself a real negotiator there, Madeline!! lol! TOO CUTE!!
When I tell Kiara our plan for the morning or whatever, & she doesn't like it, she says to me:
"That's not a great idea, momma"