Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Un-Yung Breath, Big Bad Bugs, and Potty Training

Have to share:

Last night, Van and I had steak and chicken cabobs on the grill. Of course, Gracie wouldn't eat them because she is so picky. She was fed something else earlier in the evening. Just before bedtime, Gracie and I settled down to read a few books together, and all of a sudden, Gracie says very loudly, "Mommy, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?". I laughed and told her I had onions on my cabob and that I probably still had onion breath (even though I had brushed my teeth). She says to me, "Mommy, you lay the other way, and I will roll over this way, and that way I won't smell your "un-yung" breath." LOL. Out of the mouths of babes...You just never know what is coming. She went to sleep, and I went about doing my own things last night until my own bedtime. I go in to check on her later in the night, and she wakes up...Mind you, this is like four hours later. The FIRST THING out of her mouth is, "Mommy, do you still have un-yung breath? I don't like that." And she rolls over and goes back to sleep. The child has a very sensitive nose. LOL.

Today, I am downstairs folding clothes, and Gracie is upstairs in her bedroom playing. She comes downstairs and tells me that she wants to brush her teeth. I reply, "Sure, you can. You know how to do it. Go ahead." And she goes back upstairs.
The next thing I hear is THE MOST bloodcurdling scream out of my child that I have ever heard before. This, of course, scared me absolutely to death, and I go bolting up the stairs thinking that this has to be something absolutely horrible....I am picturing in my head the blood and gore on the way up there... not knowing what I will find. Gracie is standing in my bedroom with her toothbrush in hand, shaking like a leaf, crying to the point of hyperventilation, clinging to me, couldn't catch her breath, and I am begging her to tell me what is wrong, what happened, is she hurt, etc etc etc. She tells me that she saw A BUG FLYING AROUND IN THE BATHROOM while she was brushing her teeth!!!! I was so relieved that she wasn't seriously hurt and I comforted her for a long time until she felt better. Ok, so now she is absolutely terrified of bugs. Where did that come from? With spring coming, outdoor grilling and dinners, and the inevitable fly that may get into the house, I am totally IN FOR IT if this keeps happening. And the BEES! We have bees everywhere with all of the spring flowers in bloom.
She finally stops crying and says to me, "I am going to tell Daddy when he gets home!" I am thinking at the time, "That-A-Girl!!! Go get Daddy to kill the big bad bugs! That is what I would do too."

And last but not least...Gracie is potty trained! YEA!!!! She is doing so well!!! At least, I do not have to worry about THAT anymore.

I am posting some favorite recent pictures and also of our potty training celebration trip to the zoo. Yes, I made it there and back home with no problems, and we didn't get pecked by the ostrich either. Gracie LOVED the zoo, feeding the animals, and the pony ride.


Mike & Ramona said...

Katie-Beth is also terrified of bugs. A real problem in Florida! I love the horse-riding pictures!

kris said...

She screams JUST like me when I see a bug (well, a roach) anywhere withing 10 feet of me :O)

Hope you're un-yung breath is all gone now!

Tiffany said...

YAY on potty trained! And LOL on your stinky ole un-yung breath. :)