Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Accident Free Day!!!

First off, I have to include a picture of the Chinese squat potty. Don't get me wrong...I love the Chinese culture. I have such an incredible appreciation. But this is one of those things that American people just do not get over easily. And this is what we saw all over China. I have to say though that there were western toilets available in many places too. Some were clean; some were not. The picture you see is not necessarily the norm. Yes, I even had to use one of these in China. But I have a GREAT bladder, thanks to my teaching career. So, I think I only had to do this once. It isn't pretty, believe me. And it is no easy task to try to use one either....unless you are used to camping in the wilderness with no facilities. I can't even handle going into public bathrooms in this part of the world. I will if I have to, but I am NOT crazy about them. YUCK. (To my friend, Lauren...Can you EVEN imagine this???) Just had to share this...

Ok, since we are in the middle of potty talk...Here goes...The GOOD news...

Gracie is amazing! Just amazing!!! We had an accident free day today!!! Last night, we all went to the dollar store and loaded up on Gracie's top picks for potty prizes. (THANK YOU, POLLY! My wonderful sister came up with this great idea!) We spent like $25 on lots of good cheap things that she chose herself to entice her to go. She has been going ALL DAY, and I do mean ALL DAY, to her potty to do her much so that she goes when she feels even the SLIGHTEST desire to go. (Think a teaspoon full.) We are talking #1 AND #2! My only problem is that I am running out of prizes! LOL. Guess we head back to yet another dollar store tomorrow. This morning, I announced to her that I HAD TO GO too, and she says to me, "Mama, if you go on the potty, you will get to pick a prize!!!!" She was so excited about that.

So, where's MY potty prize?

Seriously, this is HUGE! HUGE!!! I think we are more excited than Gracie is. The child loves her potty! I cannot believe that I was completely freaked out the other night thinking she was going to get another bladder infection because she was becoming reluctant again to even get near the potty.

And one other thing...Because she went #2 on the potty TODAY, I have to take her to the Reston Zoo tomorrow which means I HAVE TO take her to Reston, VA. This is one of those trips that I completely avoid because of my nervous driving issues...not familiar with the route, not familiar with the exit, not familiar. NOT FAMILIAR. I am a BIT freaked out about that. Uh-oh. Hope we can find the zoo or I am in BIG trouble with Gracie. I LOVE going to the zoo! But I would much rather go with Van too. It is so much easier. He definitely helps out tremendously on this sort of trip. And of course, he would be driving there too because he is better at that. We really like going places and making it there alive. ;) Also, there is a very MEAN ostrich on that hayride we will have to get on. It even pecked one friend of ours on the top of the head last year. Guess we will sit in the very middle of the back of the truck out of reach of the mean ostrich. I asked Gracie if she wanted to go to Pickle Bob's to "build a bear" and eat ice cream. "NO. The zoo." I asked if she wanted to go to Claytime Cafe to paint a ceramic bowl. "NO. The zoo." Ok, we are going to the zoo. Alone. Together. The two of us. Just us. What really kills me is that the ZOO was MY IDEA many days ago for the poopy prize. I was thinking that if it has taken her FOREVER to potty train, it will take her EONS to go poopy on the potty. NOPE. ONE DAY! Van even offered to go and buy a GPS system for the car tonight so that I would use that on the way to the zoo. My problem with that is that I would be so obsessed and nervous about messing with that technological thing that I would have a wreck trying to listen to it and use it. So, I turned him down. No GPS system. I am alone in this. Me and my Trailblazer. With Gracie in the back seat buckled into her carseat AS TIGHTLY as I can get those two little straps. Ok, I am done with that long winded vent. Needed that. Ok, one more thing...This brings my mother to my mind too. When Daddy got much older and he would vear off the road to look at a PLANT or a TREE or something interesting to HIM, she would make the sign of the cross like she was praying we'd make it to our destination in one piece. I will be praying on the way to the zoo and on the way home...No doubt.

Anyway, on the BRIGHT side, she is potty trained now, I think....unless we run out of prizes and Gracie figures out that she can resist going to the potty again, and we have to start over with the prize machine. I wouldn't put it past her. She is SMART!

Polly, I forgot to ask you...How long do I have to give her these immediate gratification prizes? How many days? I think she got like 10-12 prizes TODAY!!! And how do I tell the child that there are no more prizes for going on the potty? I need to get answers to these questions. Call me.

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Patricia/NYC said...

Madeline, I just love your posts!! lol! Great news about Gracie!! And about the prizes...maybe in a few days, change the rule a, a sticker for every time at the potty, when she gets "x" amount of stickers, then 1 prize. I found this really helped "wean" Kiara off the prizes...(her's were M&Ms) now she doesn't even ask anymore.

GOOD LUCK on your road trip to the zoo!! I'm sure you'll get there & back just fine! Not so sure about that ostrich thing, though, lol!