Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gracie is our hero!

What a HUGE milestone! Today Gracie FINALLY participated all by herself in the ENTIRE Little Gym class. She is in the "Funny Bugs" class now which is a step up from the classes she has taken before (those where Gracie and I both participated together). It has taken many, MANY painful weeks for her to feel comfortable enough to have me outside looking through the window at her and just watching the class. The past two weeks she has been better, but I was still sitting on the sidelines very close by. This is HUGE! The staff at Little Gym says this is the toughest transition for toddlers in their classes. There were many weeks of tears and sadness and Gracie clinging to me. There were many weeks of me hearing, "Mommy, I don't want to go to Bubbles and Balls. I am just going to watch." There were times that the teachers would just come and take her and try to get her to do the activities only to have her scream and cry and run back to me. It was very frustrating. No matter how much encouragement she was given, nothing was working. Today was the day!!! I think it has taken her about 15 weeks in this class to get to this point. And Van was there to see it happen too. We are so proud of her! She did it! She is our HERO! Go Gracie!!!

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