Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Potty Fairies and The Proof is in the Potty

The potty fairies are BACK! Gracie is doing very well in her attempts to use the potty though I am not quite sure she understands yet how to hold her peepee long enough so that she can get to the potty in time. Lots of accidents are happening, but she also will sit on the potty for long periods of time trying to go. She is trying again which is FANTASTIC. Today she had water in a cup while sitting there on her potty watching television. And then I saw her pour some of the water from her cup in the potty and tried to pass that off as her peepee. She is very clever, but the PROOF IS IN THE POTTY. We know the difference. LOL. So far we have done the following to entice her to use the potty:

We decorated her potty with stickers...several times.

We have used potty charts with stickers.

The potty fairies, Filly and Fancy, come when she tries and when she actually goes on the potty. They bring her small surprises.

We read books while she sits on the potty.
We watch dvd movies about using the potty. Elmo has a great one!

We play games while she sits on the potty. You know the old clapping game where you hit your thighs with your hands and then clap repetitively...We'll do naming favorite colors or naming animals etc.

We have had very "interesting" conversations these days with Gracie...I call it "Potty Talk". She knows how boys go and how girls go, and this is fascinating to her. LOL. We have good friends named Lauren and Justin who have a daughter named Emily who is Gracie's age. The other day before we started trying (AGAIN) to potty train, I was changing Gracie's diaper and I said to her, "Gracie, when are you going to start wearing big girl panties and start going peepee on the potty?" And she said, "Friday". I said, "Good Gracie! That is tomorrow." I said, "Are you going to be like Emily and wear pretty big girl panties too?" And she said, "No, I am going to be like Justin and wear big girl panties, Mama." I about busted a gut, and I called Lauren right away to give her the news to share with Justin! Gracie is too much! She has also said she wished she had boy parts instead of girl parts. Hmmm.....We can't do anything about that now, can we? This is typical potty talk or so I hear from friends...Otherwise, I might be a bit worried.

Oh, and the other day while we were outside playing with some of her neighborhood friends, she immediately drops her drawers in front of all of them...boys and show off her Minnie Mouse panties...I am talking pants all the way down to her ankles...She is such a piece of work. She is still unsure WHY that wasn't something that we do in front of other people. To her, it was just needed and necessary. Made me a little uncomfortable....YEP. We had to have a little chat after that. But that's our Gracie.

Anyway, I cannot tell you how happy we are that she is finally trying again. This has not been easy for her. That bladder infection she had MANY MANY months ago really messed her up. It must have been so traumatizing for her, and even her doctor said it would take her a long time to get over it. It has! This is a very big deal for her and for us.
Update: Sunday, Apr 13th morning...YIPPEE! We have seen peepee in the potty this morning! Gracie did it! The proof IS in the potty! Finally!!!! She is so excited and proud of herself.
Update: Sunday, Apr.13th evening...Now, We are very excited! We had THREE successful potty experiences today, and we celebrated BIG by taking Gracie to Chuck E. Cheese tonight with friends, Lauren, Justin, and Emily. She had a total blast, of course. She also received a pretty red firetruck with a ladder and a real water shooting hose from the potty fairies. This was her greatest wish if she actually went peepee in the potty. The adults could have lived without the trip to Chuck E's. It was so completely PACKED...I've never seen it that packed. But the girls had lots of fun which is all that matters. Three times today!!! We are so happy for her.
Now, what do we do about her going #2 in the potty??? Not sure. She is VERY reluctant. But we are not doing diapers anymore except at naptime (hardly ever naps though) and bedtime. She seems very afraid to even attempt #2, and I know she held it in today...Tomorrow will be interesting in regard to this issue. She complained of a tummy ache several times today already. Any ideas from all of you experienced moms??? Please leave comments if you have any ideas for us.


epin said...

Congrats on Gracie trying potty training again. Good luck!

Patricia/NYC said...

YAY, Gracie!! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end!! (no pun intended!)

Hang in there Madeline! I found this to be THE MOST FRUSTRATING experience while going through it...but, it will happen!!