Friday, April 11, 2008

October Travel???

We are still waiting on the 171H. It is taking WAY TOO LONG to get to us. Janell, at our adoption agency emailed me yesterday, to ask if we had received it yet, and I told her no. She says that Virginia is by far the slowest state in sending these out to adoptive parents. YEA for US, Virginians!!! I also took the opportunity to ask her if she could "guess-timate" when we would travel now. She says that we will more than likely have our paperwork to China by May now and that we would travel in October.

OCTOBER!!!! ???? OCTOBER!!!! ????

Why does that seem so completely long from now? I know in reality it isn't that long, but our son is sitting there IN CHINA waiting on US! (Well, he is actually waiting on his parents US and the U.S.... United States government. Two US's.)

On the other hand, I have absolutely no right to complain at all though when I think of how other adoptive parents may wait THREE years now for their referral to even come from China. Our wait seems so insignificant compared to theirs. I really feel for all of them. But when you know WHO your child is, WHERE he is living, and all about him, the wait to travel seems harder this time around. I never had much anxiety when we waited to travel for Gracie. I knew that the time would come. And I know that the time will come to travel soon for Garrett, but it is hard... it isn't easy.

Please pray that 171 H makes it's way to our home soon. ;) My hair is thinning, I just covered up a TON of grey hair, and I am not getting any younger here. LOL.

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Tiffany said...

Yes but those waiting three years until referral haven't been staring at a photo of their little one waiting to GO. I always find that to be the hardest part of the wait- from referral to travel.

We found Levi in October 06 and didnt travel for him until May 07 and I just kept reminding myself that HE wasnt really waiting for US as much as WE were waiting for HIM. He was happy in his life in China and didnt know otherwise but we knew someone was missing from our family. Just trying to say its harder for US than for THEM this whole waiting thing. :) It was a little comfort to me knowing he wasnt distraught by the wait.