Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mark Shultz-Everything To Me

Just listen for a minute...This video and song made me cry tears of such deep sadness and joy. I often wonder what the Chinese mothers who have to give up their children go through. I cannot imagine living without my children. I cannot imagine carrying a child for nine months, feeling them within me, kicking, thriving, living, and then just letting go. I know that it happens everyday, and that there is a much bigger plan, God's plan. I know that for many reasons, mothers have to let their children go on without them. I am so thankful that Gracie and Garrett were given the chance to have a loving family of their own. We love them beyond measure, beyond anything we could have ever dreamed possible. To all those mothers who choose life over abortion, THANK YOU. You are giving another waiting family the greatest of all joys, a child to nurture and love. You give US everything too.

Just listen and watch...and maybe grab a kleenex before you do.


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