Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back Seat Driver

I had to include this before it slips my mind....

Gracie and I were in the car yesterday, and I was sitting at a stop light waiting for what seemed like FOREVER. So, I am sitting there and saying aloud, "COME ON! Turn green already." And I hear this voice from the back seat saying, "Mommy, you need to learn to be patient. Just be patient now." LOL. I cannot tell you how many times I have said this to Gracie recently because everything she says lately includes the word "NOW". She will even tell me, "Mama, I do not like being patient. It's hard." And she continues from the backseat, "Just take your time, and we will be home soon." It is amazing to me how smart she is, and how much she processes at three and a half.
Then, later in the day, we are in the car again. This must be the time when I am the MOST impatient and she notices that in me. Northern VA has done this to me. I am from Alabama. Remember? No one in the state drives anywhere in a hurry. But I have lived here in this chaos for ten years, and I suffer from this crazy hurried driving disorder. Anyway, I said something aloud about another driver who was driving in a very wreckless way. I hear from Gracie in her carseat, "Mommy, count to ten. When you get upset, you should count to ten." LOL.

At the very least, I know that she is listening to me and learning how to handle these situations and situations like them. And even more importantly, she is WATCHING me. I am on ALERT!


kris said...

That is so dang hilarious... I am laughing my bum off over here! She is one smart little girl for sure!

I might have to take her advice on counting to ten, needed that reminder!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh, that Gracie!! TOO CUTE!!!!
Love this story, Madeline, as I can relate! Kiara tells me, "Momma, you have to learn to be patient!" (& emphasis on PATIENT!) lol!