Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Red Tape

The process is so frustrating for us. I am having a very difficult time these days dealing with the neverending requests from our peeps, the higher ups, who say they want to help us get the 171H, but ask us to jump through hoops in order to have them do it. I mean, we paid money for this. LOTS of money! The day before yesterday, Anne Rust, from Tom Davis' office, called us back finally to discuss our issues. She went through everything with me on the telephone not giving me a lot of hope that things would change, but did say she would get involved IF I were to write a formal letter to her basically giving her all of the information I had just given her on the phone plus more detailed information about our son and his needs. This would allow her to get involved she said...a release of information per say. Well, I am just TIRED. T.I.R.E.D. Gracie does not allow me much computer time daily. And by nightfall, I am exhausted and basically brain dead. Then, yesterday as I was trying to muster up the energy to even begin the letter, I get another email from our adoption agency social worker asking us to write yet another letter outlining the process we have been through with CIS, who we have contacted, when, where, what, how, how long, blah blah blah. This about sent me over the cliff. This letter she said would be sent to a friend at the National Center for Adoption in hopes that he would get involved on our behalf. I think it is WONDERFUL that other people want to get involved in our plight, BUT I just wish THEY were the ones that had all of this information in front of them so they could write these letters. I cannot tell you how many contacts I have made...too many to recount. I am just not that organized this go round with a three year old keeping me busy from sun up to sun down. So, this meant that I had to go back through all of our paperwork, all of my emails that I had saved, my blog, etc. to find everything needed to get the peeps on the same page with us. YIPPEE. Hurray for me!!! Let me repeat, I am TIRED. But I got it done in TWO days, many hours, many minutes, and even through lots of little complaints, whines, and breakdowns from Miss Gracie. It is DONE. I hope that all of my hard work pays off in some way. I kept thinking to myself the whole time that I was writing the letters that I was going to go to the mailbox THE DAY AFTER I do all of this, and there would be our 171H sitting there. Murphy's Law, ya know? But it still has not arrived.

PLEASE say a prayer, maybe two or three, that our 171-H arrives here soon. We need that little piece of paper (that almost $900 piece of paper) to proceed.



Anonymous said...

Hugs to you! I am so sorry that you're going through so much to get that 171H. I hope that it will be here soon.

Mike & Ramona said...

I am crossing my fingers for you that all this hard works pays off QUICKLY! That little boy needs his family!

Patricia/NYC said...

Prayers & hugs going your way!! I am so sorry that you guys have been through the mill on this one. Kudos to you for getting that paperwork/letterwriting/information gathering DONE!!! NOT an easy job with a 3 yr. old in the house!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh Madeline. This sucks so bad I can't even believe it...and yet I can. Our fabulous govt.... Prayers going out that THE piece of paper will be in your mailbox TOMORROW!
Love to you!!