Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saving Turtles

For as long as I have known Van, he has always stopped on the road to save any turtle from being run over by a car. If he sees one in the road or on the side of the road, the car is put into park. I cannot tell you the number of turtles he has saved...too many to count. BIG ones and little ones. Box turtles and snapping turtles. All kinds.

Gracie, Van, and I recently went to Roanoke Island in NC. We had a great time. We spent time at the beach one morning, went fishing (I caught two speckled trout), went crabbing (We caught about 15 large crabs), and ate lots of great seafood. While crabbing, we caught two turtles. Of course, they went right back in the water unharmed. Van saved them again. Now, it is a family affair to save the turtles. LOL.

Fast forward a few days...
Gracie, Van, and I are in the car just driving around looking at things. We are having this conversation in the car about the turtles that we had caught while crabbing in NC, and why it is important to let them go. We talked about all the turtles Daddy has saved over the years, and that some turtles bite. Gracie loves turtles. We are pulling out of a parking lot, and Gracie yells from her carseat, "Daddy, there's a turtle!" Sure enough, there on the other side of the street is a tiny box turtle crossing the street. Van pulls the car around praising Gracie for her great find, and parks the car. He gets out of the car, picks up the turtle, brings it back into the car, and hands it to me in the backseat. He asks Gracie if she wants to touch it's hard shell. I am holding this turtle in my hand, feeling so astounded that this could happen especially right in the midst of having this conversation with our daughter and....

The turtle pees all over me. LOL.

Gracie and Van saved another turtle. I could have killed it for doing it's business on my leg. Van took it WAY BACK into the woods where it would not have the opportunity to get close to the busy road again. And the whole way back to the car, he was laughing...laughing at that funny turtle peeing all over my leg.

Just had to share the story of the week.

Life is just so funny.

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Patricia/NYC said...

Now, that's GOT to be good luck, right?? LOL!! Very funny story!