Friday, February 20, 2009

Garrett is talking!

Garrett is repeating many words, and using more and more words appropriately. It is a great sign that he is learning the language, and understanding more of what we say. His words (that I can remember) are:

woof woof
no no
ouch...or OW
cat / ki-y cat
right there...when I say "Where are your feet?'

He can point to his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, legs, hair, head. He points to his mouth when he is hungry or thirsty. He loves to brush his teeth (I do it.). He loves to take baths and play in the water.

His favorite shows are Thomas, Hi-5, Caillou, the Wiggles, and Laurie Berkner.

You can ask for a hug and he will hug you.

He copies everything Gracie does.

He is able to stack blocks, ride a tricycle and push with his feet, use a fork and spoon, pull uphis pants, take off his clothes, unzip a zipper and zip it back up, runs, climbs everything he can find to climb, can throw a ball (and can throw other objects at people, unfortunately), and enjoys helping around the house.

Also, he has been getting up in the night to pee on the potty which is a HUGE improvement since he was soaking his diaper a lot in the night several weeks ago. We started putting him on the potty when he would cry at night and he would go. So, that has continued. Now, he does not usually even wet his diaper during the night. We did change from pull ups back to diapers because he was soaking the pull ups at night before. He has even pooped on the potty on occasion. Seems like he will be easy to potty train completely soon...unlike a little girl that we all know and love so much ;) He pees on the potty during the day too.

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Snowflowers Mum said...

too cute...Paisley is almost potty trained too...she tells me "Mummy pee potty" or "Mummy need go poo"

I'm hoping she will be in undies by summer!

Your two look like they have been together forever!