Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

March came in like a roaring lion! The snow fell all night long, and we have about seven to eight inches on the ground. It is so beautiful! Getting out there was a treat for the kids. They really enjoyed it. The snow is too powdery though for a snowman so we resorted to snowball fights in the yard. The wind is so cold! And it is blowing everywhere so we all came back in the house very soon after getting out there. Our dog, Sugar, loves the snow. She played in it all morning and did not want to come inside which is HIGHLY unusual for her. Here are some pictures from the morning in the snow. Maybe the kids will be out sledding later, and they can do that too. It is snowing again now. Hard to believe that we had this snowstorm in March. I am officially ready for spring now! Warm weather clothes, playing outside, playground trips, picnics, more playdates with friends, gardening, trips to the mountains on the weekends, and hopefully some time at the beach with Niels, Sherry, and all of the fish, crabs, and shrimp I am going to catch! Come on, Spring!!!!


Kay Bratt said...

We got the snow, too! Snow in the South is an amazing phenomenom. We also got Thundersnow....for real.

Grace McHugh said...

I would LOVE to have snow! We live in Colorado and have only had to shovel twice this entire winter!!! It is 72 degrees today with it continuing all week. Yes, thank you Lord for the sunshine but please remember we need moisture! So glad your blessings are getting to enjoy the snow!

Patricia/NYC said...

Adorable photos!

We had a snow day here too...although at 20 degrees we had to stay inside for most of the day...we managed to take a quick walk to $tar*buck$ & Kiara got to jump & play in the snow along the way!

I'm with ya...COME ON SPRING!!

Jodi said...

How fun! My big kids would love a bit of snow - didn't get any this year - a day of ice, but no snow. :(
I must admit - I do love sending the little girls in the backyard to play in their sand box in short sleeve shirts. :) We'll pay this summer when it is beastly hot! :)
Have fun!