Monday, February 9, 2009

There is a UT Fan in the Doghouse! Uh-oh!!!!

Garrett has decided that he likes to be in Sugar's crate. YUCK. But I did get pictures of him in there when I noticed he was wearing his UT sweatshirt for the occasion. How fitting!!! LOL.
War Eagle, Van!
Note: I do not put my child in the dog crate. He crawls in there because he wants to be there. He is always supervised and is never locked inside. LOL. Just letting everyone know that this was just play for him. He is not abused. LOL. (But he will be by Auburn fans if he continues to wear that ridiculous sweatshirt!)
The rest of the pics are of Gracie when she fell asleep on her Daddy's lap in the recliner. I thought these were the sweetest pictures! Van is such a wonderful father. It always makes me smile when I see them having little moments like this. And honestly, they have lots of these little moments together. I just like taking pictures of them.
There is one shot of a spontaneous kiss and hug that Garrett gave Gracie one afternoon. These two really love each other. I just love seeing them together at last!


FIY said...

HOLLO, I saw Garrett the picture, thanked you very much! I am going to return the picture copy for mine family member looked that they are certainly very happy! Thanks you

Jodi said...

I just love seeing your family photos! The park days are the best aren't they! We love the park too! I seem to forget my camera on those days though - as I am running to catch up with the little ones! :)
Garrett and Gracie both look sooo happy - what a blessed family!

Love y'all!
Jodi Sue :0

Stephanie said...

Thanks for clarifying that you don't lock your kids up in Sugar's! ;-)