Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Gracie's hair pulled back like this. She looks so precious!!!
"Take this heart barrette OUT of my hair!!!! PLEASE!!!!"
"And why am I wearing Gracie's red pjs? I look like a GIRL!!!!"
"Somebody save me!!!"

A butterfly tattoo from Aunt Laura, Uncle Brian, and Grant!!! Cool, huh?

Valentine's Day brought lots of surprises and fun. Gracie really enjoys the whole Valentine exchange with her friends and family, so we wrote them out, filled bags with goodies, and delivered them around the neighborhood. She and Garrett loved their heart plates and stickers. Of course, Valentine's Day wouldn't be the same without chocolate. So, they had their fair share of treats. Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends and family!


Heather said...

They are just too cute! Love the pictures. It's amazing how your little one seems to be opening up more & more each day!

Jodi said...

How sweet! I love Garrett's hair!
I love Gracie's hair pulled back like that too!

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all (a bit late!)

Stefanie said...

I haven't checked in for a while and I can't believe how PRECIOUS Gracie and Garrett look together!! And Garrett is already talking that much?? Amazing progress!!
Happy Valentine's Day, a few days late ;)