Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa Came!

Gracie had an incredible Christmas morning. Santa brought her exactly what she wanted, a train set, a Leapster 2, and a Tag Reading System. Her best buddies and adopted BIG brothers/next door neighbors, Nicholas and Christopher, came over yesterday and set up the train for her because Santa said he ran out of time. (I wonder why???) They also let me take a long nap. I so needed it. Thanks Nick and Chris!!! We cherish every moment we spend with you guys. You are so special. The train set is also Garrett's Christmas gift from Santa. Gracie also received the Rose Petal Cottage. She is very much into pretending and role playing now so this was perfect for her. Her Aunt Laura and Uncle Brian gave her the Rose Petal Cottage gift. Thank you to her amazing Godparents who have shown their love for her and for us throughout her life and throughout both adoption journeys. We are so thankful for you! And we love you!!! Another favorite was the HUGE package of books she received from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul. The family has been so sweet to Gracie over the years and I cannot tell you how much that means to us and to her. She knows she is loved! The ever desired Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book and CD arrived, and Gracie loves that book and song. Thank you, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul!!! She loves her presents and so do we. Love you!!! Gracie also received a Playdoh playset that she loves from Aunt Ga-Ga and her grandmother, Nai-Nai, in Chattanooga. It is a huge hit!!! She loves Playdoh! Uncle Matt and Aunt Emily gave her a cute Minnie Mouse. Thanks so much for that! Very cute!Papa John and Mims gave her an art kit with crayons, scribble pad, etc. Gracie is the craft guru, and used a bunch of it tonight to create her own books that she dictated to me. Thank you for thinking of her! She loves anything crafty. Heather and Tracy sent her some delicious candy from their store (some of which turn her mouth green for Christmas which makes her even happier. LOL). She loves the candy and the toys. Thank you for all of the gifts. Gracie appreciates all of them. Here are some pictures from Christmas morning. Poor Sugar just hated dressing up for the occasion.

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epin said...

What a great Christmas! And even better yet, only 12 hours or so until Van has Garrett!