Monday, December 29, 2008

Adoption Day Update #3

Van, Garrett, Gracie, and I talked to each other again tonight before Van and Garrett went to sleep. It was about 8:30 pm in China. Garrett looked so tired, like he could barely keep his eyes open. He is so cute! Van said he was in his Holiday Inn robe and complimentary slippers. I told him I was so jealous because I hadn't even had a shower yet.

Van and Garrett seem to have a strong little bonding process going on. It is obvious that Garrett trusts his new Daddy already, and he smiles and laughs and tries to talk. At one point, Van put Garrett on the bed and covered him up to put him to sleep and kissed him and gave him a little squeeze, and then walked back to the computer. Garrett started crying and I could see on the videoconference that Garrett was reaching up in the air saying in his own way, "Pick me up". Van went back over to the bed, hugged him, kissed him, and picked him back up. Van is such a loving, doting father! It is wonderful to see all of this! Garrett goes to sleep easily though. It took him about three minutes to get him down. That's good news for Mama. He is also attaching to his new blue Winky, the stuffed sheep. We had to get him his own special Winky, you know.

Van is eating well. He says he has had lots of fried rice and Garrett has too. They have also eaten lamb chops, duck breast, fine marinated steaks, fruits, and steamed veggies. Garrett loves food!!!

Sandra, the guide who is with Van, says there are three major cultures in China. The Yangtze River culture or South River is one, the Yellow River culture or North River is another, and the last one is the Great Plains culture of Inner Mongolia.

Van says Garrett is bonding to him, already giving him "High 5s", he is talking more to Van, and Van says he thinks he has heard him singing a song. He is going to teach him "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". As you can see from the cute pajama pictures, Garrett is also fascinated with the zipper on his pjs. Van says he zips it down to his feet and then zips it back up again. The staff at the hotel is very taken with Garrett and wants to come up to him and help him. Van says they put the straw up to his mouth or they feed him (not so sure that is great for bonding reasons...but I am here and Van is what do ya do?) He says Garrett is a bit messy when he eats just like other two year olds. Garrett likes watching people, and loves to watch the cars and the bicycles from the window. He is fascinated with people and things. Van says if it wasn't 10 degrees outside, he would take him out. It is just too cold right now, and they have lacked sleep. Tomorrow, they will all venture out.

Van says to tell Patty and Jason that he is praying for their dad. And Happy Birthday, Patty! We love you! Your birthday will always be special because you will share it with Garrett on his Adoption Day.

Here are some pictures and videos of Garrett and Daddy getting ready for bed. I will talk to them tonight around 9 pm which is like 9 am the following day for them. Garrett is such a little man! We love you, Garrett, and cannot wait to be a family of four on Jan 9th!

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I am all goosebumpy reading your posts and looking at your pictures. Congrats again!

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