Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gotcha Day Update #2

Just talked to Van after his shower in China. Garrett is still sleeping soundly. Van says that he was on his way from the airport to the hotel and was told 10 minutes prior to arrival that Garrett was waiting in the lobby for him with the guide. Van's video camera was in the trunk of the car, and he wasn't ready by any means. When he walked into the hotel, they were standing 10 feet away from him. It was a joyous, emotional time. The staff had to take official pictures first for the adoption. He says Garrett came to him with many things. He said he has the memory book, LOTS of food that Garrett likes to eat like shortbread cookies, and snacks. Also, he had a coat, several things to wear, a dragon hat, and a note. Van said that there was a sand storm going on in like 12 degree weather. Van says that he is doing fine, and he ate an apple after washing it with boiling water (I would NEVER have done this in China even after washing it. Please pray he does not get sick from this. You are not supposed to eat fruit unless you can peel it yourself.) Scary! He ate the apple peel. Van says that Garrett is not as tall as Gracie, but is solid. He said it was a race to get him up to the hotel room, undressed down to the first layer of clothing, and in bed. Poor baby! It was way past his bedtime, and Garrett was exhausted. Van says he has dry sinuses, but is feeling ok, has been drinking a lot of fluids, and even had a beer in Beijing because there was nothing else he could find to drink. Garrett loves peanuts, and he bought him some dry roasted ones in a bag. At 9 am, Van will be doing the adoption paperwork and finalizing that (I think this is what he said...). He also said that they may be going on to Baotou...not sure about that. I am so happy that Van will meet all of the orphanage staff, China Care staff, and most importantly the foster family. This is sure to be a very intense, emotional trip for both Van and for Garrett. Pray for them. Van was already teary-eyed at home talking about meeting the foster family. It will be so sweet to meet them. I wrote a letter to the foster family and had it translated for Van to give to them expressing my sincere thanks for all they have done for Garrett, and my hopes that we will stay in contact with all of them throughout the years. We consider them now to be our extended family in China. It takes very special people to do what they have done. Van will be so honored to meet them and talk with them. Van said that he was looking at the wrong clock and needed to go to sleep. So, we will hear from him again around 10 pm tonight. That will be morning time for him in China. I am signing off for now.

Thank you for following along on our journey to China for Garrett. We are truly blessed in every way. Our children are our greatest blessings though. And we will always love them unconditionally because that is what love is all about. I cannot even express how much the love and support from you has meant to us as a family. Gracie and Garrett are our little miracles. I also want to note that it is quite ironic that Garrett is joining our family at the one year anniversary of my Mother's death. My parents loved their grandchildren so much, and spent a great deal of quality time with all of them. Also, it was a blessing to receive from my parents the money needed for this adoption journey in total. We had no real worries financially because of that. They really provided for themselves in retirement and for their children and grandchildren. How special that Garrett is coming to our family during the month of January! January is also the month of my father's birthday. (January 16th)

So, Thanks, Mama and Daddy!!! I know you would love Gracie and Garrett as much as we do. I just wish you both had been alive to meet them. You are watching over them in Heaven. I am sure of that!

Much love,
Madeline and Gracie


Nicole said...

The Bakers!!!

Nonnie said...

We are sooo thrilled and happy that our precious nephew is now in the arms of his daddy and will soon be home with his Mama and Gracie. We can't wait to meet him. We wish you safe travels and much, much love! Aunt Connie and Uncle Scott