Sunday, December 28, 2008

Adoption Day Update #2

Look at that smile! Isn't that the greatest picture of the two of them together?

The lady writing is Sandra, Van's guide, and the other lady is an orphanage official. Van said she was very nice.

Van and I just talked. Gracie is asleep for the night. Again, we videoconferenced and Garrett was in his lap smiling and laughing and waving at me. He is the cutest! Van says that he finished the adoption paperwork in about two hours, and they are going to lunch. Van still has to receive the adoption certificate though. He is also sending me some more pictures in a little while. He says Garrett is doing well and is playing with him a lot. He ate lots of oranges today...loves those! He also likes the fruit rollups I sent with Van. He said everything went smoothly today. Garrett received a jade pendant from the orphanage and a certificate of some sort.

Van says they may not be able to visit the Baotou orphanage as he had thought. I know this will break the hearts of those adoptive parents who were waiting for updates from Van on their children still waiting at Baotou SWI...Mimi and Michelle, I am so so sorry! I know what it feels like to hope and wait! We can pray that will change. Everybody say some prayers about that.). But Van says that they will meet/see the foster parents and the China Care staff. I am not sure why he thinks the Baotou SWI visit may not happen. I just think he was told that today. I will try to find out though. Van says that the rest of the day today is for rest and relaxation and shopping. The Baotou trip will happen on Wednesday he said.

Garrett is really opening up to Van and looks at him as he talks. There is a lot of eye contact, lots of smiles. He seems like a very happy baby regardless of the trauma he is and has experienced. Seeing them together is priceless! I am so happy that we are able to videoconference like this. It is amazing how far technology has come. I cannot wait to hold them and love them both once they are home. Van is doing such a fantastic job! I knew he would be fine because he is such a loving and attentive father. He says he is feeling pretty well right now. I can tell he is tired though. I think once he has a solid night's sleep, he will feel 100%. He says he will go to sleep tonight when Garrett goes down.

That is it for now...until I get more pictures...waiting on those now.

Love to all of you,


bytheriver said...

What a wonderful thing to come home to. I am so happy for your family with the legal adoption of Garrett. So nice that he is warming up to Van and that he still will take a bottle - this may help you in attachment. Glad to know he is well and everything is going pretty smoothly.

epin said...

Happy Adoption Day! The pictures are precious. You must dying to get your arms around Garrett, but thank goodness for modern technology. Not much longer until Garrett comes home with Van.

Patricia/NYC said...

Happy Adoption Day!! I'm so glad things are going smoothly from China! How fabulous that you get to videoconference!! That photo of Van & Garrett together is PRECIOUS!!! They have matching smiles! :)

Thinking of you all at this time & sending prayers your way!