Sunday, November 2, 2008

We have an update on Garrett!!!

Here is the cutest boy on the planet! And he is all smiles for us. The update came with these two pictures this morning and a written update giving us his weight, height, and other information. Just as we thought at almost two and a half years old, Garrett is bigger than Gracie as far as weight goes. Garrett is 33 pounds and 34.5 inches tall. Gracie is 31 pounds and 38.5 inches tall. Life is so good!!! Come on, LOA!!!!

Here is the written update:
Update information for Hao Chen Guang
DOB: July 26th, 2006
Weight: 15kg
Height: 88cm
Character: outgoing, smart, active, restless, laughs a lots
He likes cars with sound, likes to play outside, likes to ride bike with Dad and likes to wear new clothes.
Hao Chen Guang is a very cute boy. He looks very kind and honest. His shining eyes show he is a smart boy. He has developed very well. He can sit alone, walk alone and run fast. He enjoys playing with his brother. He never stops and always walks a lot everyday. He goes to visit neighbors all the time and plays outside with other kids. He can say “Baba, Mama, come, no”, some simple words. He is learning to talk. When you ask him, he would answer you something which you can’t understand. When you call his name, he knows where you are. He is very solid and hardly gets sick. He doesn’t feel scare of strangers. He will laugh when you play with him. He is a charming boy.
He likes to go outside. Mom always take him to play outside and he is happy everytime.
He is getting bigger and taller. He totally understands people’s talking. Sometimes he can help Mom. He loves the foster Dad and is very attached to him. Dad always buys him some snack. He is very friendly and likes to share with people.
His favorite food: rice, noodle, egg. He can eat all kinds of table food. He is not picky. He likes fruits, such as banana, apple, kiwi and other snacks.


epin said...

Love the update, and Garrett is such a cutie. Crossing my fingers for the LOA this week so that you can bring this precious boy home.

Patricia/NYC said...

What a great update!! Garrett is so adorable & sounds like he has a fabulous personality! Can't wait to see him with Gracie!! Come on LOA!!! Praying for this week!!

Sexton Family Four said...

so good to see a great update. he is just precious, can't wait to you guys get him!