Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hide the Scissors

Yes, it happened! She came upstairs from the playroom, and said very sadly, "I'm sorry, Mama. I am really sorry." and she put her hands over her mouth like she had done something very naughty. Big sirens went off in my head. "What happened, Gracie?", I say. And she says, "I cut their hair with my scissors." Then, I am thinking about our dog and cats. Uh-oh!!! "Show me.", I say. And she takes me downstairs, and this is what I find. Thank goodness that it was the doll's hair that got the little trim, and not hers! I hid the scissors. And we had a LONG talk about only using scissors to cut paper. The Cabbage Patch doll got a full scalping, and the Kelly doll has layers now.

My fear is that she will cut her own hair. Do ya'll realize that it has taken three years to get her hair to the length it is now? She has had no haircuts other than to trim the very tiny ends and even it up. Her bangs are still short. If she were to cut her hair at this point, we would be in BIG trouble.

I have not told her this story, but I will share it here. My hair grows very quickly, and it always has. When I was about seven years old, I had hair down to my waist. My mom would braid it every night before I went to sleep. One night, I decided I needed a hair cut, and I got my mother's sewing scissors out of her sewing box and completely WACKED OFF one braid...only one. The next morning I came down to breakfast with no hair on one side and a full braid on the other. Not pretty! Needless to say, I looked like a little boy after the lucky hairdresser finished "fixing" the mess I had made.

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Mike & Ramona said...

Oh gosh! So happy it was just the dolls! Katie-Beth has so far given herself 2 VERY radical haircuts, both resulting in tears for Mommy. Yep, hide the scissors, and don't get lax and think she is over it, because it will happen again! :-) (Love the story about the braids!)