Monday, November 24, 2008

My Birthday Present Came Today!!!!! LOA!!!!

Garrett is coming home SOON!!!! Life is so good!!!! Our LOA was completely unannounced! We had no idea it was even coming!!!! The Fedex man brought it this morning. The guy left it on our doorstep!!! No signature required!!! The most important piece of paper in the world...THE ONLY ONE LIKE IT IN THE WORLD...and we had no clue it was even on it's way. Yes, we are stunned. Yes, we are TOTALLY OVERJOYED!!! (Yes, we are a little annoyed that, again, someone dropped the ball at our adoption agency in a big way.) But we got it, and it is safe and sound and signed, and it will be on it's way back to China soon. The next step is just to wait for travel arrangements. Can you even believe it? We can't!!! It is the greatest birthday present I could ever receive!!! There is a chance that Garrett could be home right after Christmas, and that Van might be traveling during Christmas...though he would be traveling alone without our buddy, Niels, if that is the case. Regardless of that, we want Garrett home as soon as possible. We are so excited!!!! There is no way to even put it into words.


Patricia/NYC said...

Dancing with JOY for all of you here in NYC!!!!


Vicki said...

Congratulations...I wish all of you the very best. Gracie is growing so quickly...Garrett can't imagine how loved he is and will be. My heart is full for you.
Vicki Villers
Happy Birthday Madeline
Happy Thanksgiving

-R. said...

I can't tell you guys how happy I am for you! Happy birthday and happy holidays, too!

bytheriver said...

Congrats! What a wonderful gift. I can't wait to see Garret Home and hope that Van takes a lot of pictures of his hometown that you can post, it looks so interesting and different than other areas. Happy Thanksgiving to You! Stacy

Sexton Family Four said...

That is just wonderful, God is so good and His timing is perfect!!!! Praying for safe travels and a speedy return home with Garrett! love ya!