Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Garrett's Room Is Ready...

Here are the pictures of Garrett's new bedroom. We are so ready to get him home!!! Gracie loves it. She has hung blankets and has made forts already underneath the top bunk. Notice that the bunk beds have stairs not a ladder! I love this set. The stairs are also drawers. We have lots of storage here. There is a huge drawer under the double bed too. Mama will NOT be sleeping on a hard floor this time when Garrett comes home. (Remember that I did that on many nights when Gracie was little. I even got used to doing that because it happened so frequently.) Also, the cats love this room now. Chance, our VERY moody kitty, has decided that his favorite spot is way up on the top bunk where no one can bother him.

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Anonymous said...

Madeline & Van,
I cannot wait until the news comes that Van is on his way over there to get him! Yippie!