Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rebecca and Bob's Wedding

Introducing Rebecca and Bob Gray! My eldest niece, Rebecca, married the man of her dreams on October 4th in Birmingham, Alabama. She was the most breathtaking bride I think I have ever seen. She is a special girl! The trip was filled with fun for me though I missed Van and Gracie very much while I was there. Gracie and Daddy had bonding time, and I had some bonding time of my own with my huge family. It was wonderful to see everyone, but especially to see Rebecca so radiant and so happy and so in love with her favorite guy. Bob is a sweetheart! Here are some pictures of the family. The bridesmaid's luncheon was a huge success, and the Eitzen sisters were together once again. Check out all of my sisters!!! Cool, huh? (Joan, my brother's wife, was missing though as she is still recovering from a broken foot and may need surgery.) Also, there is a picture of my very kind brother, Eric, and his wonderful wife, Keri, who took me in while I was visiting. They have no idea how much I appreciate their hospitality. It was great to visit with my big brother and his family.

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