Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gracie is FOUR Years Old Today!!! Happy Birthday, Gracie!!!

I simply cannot believe that she is four years old. It baffles me where all of the time has gone. People always told me that children grow so fast, but I just never realized until Gracie came home how very true that statement is. I look at her, and I still see my baby girl, but she is so much more of a little girl now. She is not a baby by any means. But she will always be MY baby. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday again with a HUGE Halloween costume party for all of her friends and their families. We had about 30 children here, and most of their parents were here as well. It was amazing, and fun, and WILD, and PACKED, and hilarious, and Gracie had a blast. The disco was again a huge hit in the garage. We had sack races outside on a simply gorgeous day, a pinata, crafts galore, cake, and lots of fun. The kids really got into it this year. I guess turning four makes one a little more independent. The kids danced. There were bubble machines going off. Many of them had a great time with the parachute play. The sack races outside were just hilarious. Here are some pictures. Oh, and the presents!!! OH MY GOODNESS. She totally racked up! It was like Christmas. Anyway, today is her actual birthday, and I have to say,

Happy Birthday, Gracie! Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could ever say. You are and always will be the most special girl in the entire universe to us. We KNOW you hung the moon! I am forever thankful to God and to your birthparents in China for giving us the greatest gift of our lives. YOU! We are honored to be your forever family. And we are so very proud of you!


Patricia/NYC said...


Sounds like Gracie had a FANTASTIC birthday filled with everything special! GREAT photos!!

Can you BELIEVE these sweet babies of ours are so grown up already??! WOW, did that go FAST!! I am holding on to every snuggly moment with Kiara these days as I fear they are numbered....sniff, sniff.

Gracie is just pure CUTENESS!!!

epin said...

Happy birthday Gracie! We had a wonderful time at the party and only wish that we lived closer to each other. We are so grateful for your friendship and look forward to adding Garrett and our little one to the family get-togethers soon.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Gracie! Looks like she had a great day :)