Monday, October 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

1. I have been tagged by my friend, Stephanie, who I met for the first time when she and her husband, John, were adopting their daughter, Avi, in November of 2005 from Anqing City, China. Our travel group was wonderful, and we have enjoyed life long friendships with many of these families. Stephanie and John also have a son from China now. To make things even more interesting, I actually found Garrett's waiting child picture in looking at their website and finding the link to their adoption agency, Small World. We have so much in common. Their son, Adam, is a China Care baby too! Steph is a great girl and a wonderful mama to her children. I always get a huge kick out of reading her blog. Here is a link to their website:
I was also tagged by my friend, Epin, who I have also known since our paperchase began for Gracie. Epin is in my large Jan/Feb DTC group, and lives nearby...I wish even closer than she is. She and her husband, Scott, adopted their daughter, Hana, from China at the same time we adopted Gracie. Hana and Gracie have been friends for a long time, and they have had many playdates together. We love to get together with their family when we can. They just came to Gracie's fourth birthday party. Epin is a fantastic mom, and she has such a sweet heart. You would love her blog as much as I do, but it is password protected so I cannot give it out. She and Scott are also waiting for the referral of their second baby from China, and we are hoping that referral comes VERY soon! We are all so excited for them, and for Hana, who cannot wait to be a big sister.

2. Seven random wierd facts about me. Hmmm, that is hard to pinpoint. There are so many things I could say about myself, but they all make me sound so wierd and random. LOL. Here goes:
***** 1. I love to go fishing! I could fish all day long, everyday, for the rest of my life. I should have been a tournament fisherman. That would be my dream job if there was any real money in it. I guess if you are very good at it, there might be good money in it career wise. My Daddy used to take me fishing a lot. The last time I went fishing, I caught several spotted trout. And they were HUGE. (Yes, it is a fish tale...but I did catch two relatively large spotted trout.
***** 2. I love to sing. My second dream job would be to do it professionally, but believe me, I am not THAT great at it. I think Gracie loves to sing so much because I do. I would never attempt to do American Idol though. Those people that can't sing and know they can't sing are just plain crazy to go on that show. I used to sing three part harmony with several friends of mine, and we were actually pretty good at it. We performed at high school functions.
***** 3. I have a HUGE fear of dying. I don't know why because I have a strong faith in God in knowing what waits for me in eternal life. It is the how I am going to make that journey and when that frightens me. I continually think about it. It would qualify as a phobia for me. Now that I have children, it has gotten worse. I pray about it. I think it is because my dad almost died when I was three years old, and it had such a huge impact on me. I remember the day he had that heart attack like it was yesterday.
***** 4. I cannot seem to stop cleaning things. I rarely sit still during the day until the evening. I do play with Gracie a lot, but if I am not playing with her, I am cleaning or doing something to organize our lives. I seriously need a break from this.
***** 5. My right elbow is dislocated, and I cannot straighten out my arm. It has been that way since I was in third grade.
***** 6. I seriously want to adopt another baby from China, and we haven't even gotten Garrett home yet. I think our next baby will be a girl. I want Gracie to have a sister so badly.
***** 7. My first career was in Social Work-Child Welfare. I used to do child abuse and neglect investigations, and was also a foster care worker. I also worked in a domestic violence unit. I also was an intake coordinator for an eating disorder unit in a hospital. I have had many jobs in my lifetime.

3. Tag seven more people! I'll try, but pretty much everyone I know has already been tagged.

4. I will let these people know they have been tagged by me.


Stephanie said...

You are so sweet :)
I'm TOTALLY with you on #6 :)

epin said...

You are incredibly sweet! And I am so excited to see that you're thinking about #3!!!