Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sedation Dentistry

Gracie underwent sedation dentistry last week. Her four back molars apparently did not form correctly in utero, and she has had issues with those teeth. They have been discolored and have progressively decayed. My sweet angel had to have a baby root canal and silver crown on one tooth, and two fillings in two of the others. Our dentist says that she will have problems with these teeth and maybe even the ones next to those four. We sure hope not! Gracie brushes and flosses too. She is very good at it even with an electric toothbrush.

The treatment for all of this was WAY scarier for me and Van than it was for Gracie. She only remembers (barely) getting a shot in her arm at the dental office. The rest is history and only a blur for her and we are so thankful for that. She now has perfect teeth. But let me tell you...Seeing them put her under nearly broke me. I won't go into details, but it is definitely not easy to watch that happen to your baby. Fortunately, they let us be with her as she was given the shot, and she fell asleep in our arms. The tears started flowing for me as we had to leave her in their care. But the dentist is wonderful, and she reassured me that everything would be fine. And she did great!

Here is a picture soon after we got home that day. She is playing with her favorite friends, Nick and Christopher. They are like big brothers to her, and they live right next door. Gracie LOVES these guys! And we do too.

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