Monday, July 7, 2008

New Videos of Garrett in China!!! More Surprises!!!

Van, Gracie, and I cannot believe it! What an incredible day! We received four new videos of Garrett in China this afternoon, and one additional picture of him with his foster ba-ba (daddy). These are such precious treasures allowing us to see him in good health and growing so strong. We cannot wait for Van and Niels to travel to China for our beautiful son. Knowing that the China Care Foundation is really not supposed to be sending these pictures and videos out to us makes receiving them even more special. Take a peek into the life of our son. What I have noticed about the pictures and videos so far:

1. The picture of Garrett eating and sharing an ice cream cone with his ba-ba...I absolutely KNOW this is a sign he is joining the right family (OURS) with the way we eat ice cream around here. LOL. Also, notice the way Garrett and his ba-ba are holding hands and the way his ba-ba has his hand resting around him...I can tell there is so much love between these two. His ba-ba must be a very sweet, caring man.

2. The videos...Some of the videos are sideways so turn your head or your monitor so you can view them. :) Garrett's hair has been shaved again. Must be hot there in Inner Mongolia this time of the year. He is definitely not bundled as some of the Chinese do to their children. He is wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts. Garrett is feeding his ba-ba snacks (chips, no less!). This tells me again that they have a close relationship, and is a pretty good sign I think that he is attached to him. Garrett is TALL for his age. When I first saw the video, I immediately thought about how BIG he is, and that he is NOT a baby anymore. And he is not yet 2 years old...He will be two years old at the end of the month (the 26th), but Garrett is solid for two! I can also tell that he is talking in the videos. He says "Ma Ma" when he reaches out his hand with the bag of chips as is to say "Open them for me". He also says "Ba-Ba". I noticed that he loves snacks and tries to open the bag with his teeth. It looks like one of the women pays for the chips so this must be some kind of a local snack store. There is a sliding window there and someone from inside reaches out to him. These videos are so sweet!

Stay tuned...There will be a very important announcement in a day or two regarding our dossier...Hint hint. We are THRILLED that we are so close to getting our boy home!!!!


Mike & Ramona said...

What wonderful gifts to have these videos! What a cutie! And he looks like he has a very sweet personality too. I can't wait until you get him home!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh Madeline!!!! I have tears in my eyes watching these!!! Garrett is PRECIOUS!!! What a cutie pie!!! And what a blessing to know he is LOVED by what appears to be a very caring ba-ba!! These are just priceless videos, but I bet they made you VERY ANTSY to bring him home!!

I cannot WAIT to see him with all of you!