Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gracie's Big Girl Bed

Gracie has grown so much! It is hard to believe that she is almost four years old now, and she is as independent and strong willed as they get. Here are pictures of Gracie in her new big girl bed in her OWN room. She loves the new arrangement, and the new CUTE bedding we bought just for her. I found this bedding long before Gracie ever even came home. I just knew it would be perfect for her room, and it is. She has slept in her bed every night with no problems. It is AWESOME! We are so proud of her. She is really blossoming into such a big girl now. Where in the world did the time go???

The bed that Gracie is sleeping in is very special. It belonged to my Great Aunt Madeline who I am named after. She was such a great lady, and I loved her very much. Because I was her namesake, I spent lots of time with her in Montgomery, AL where she lived, and then again when she moved closer to our family in Birmingham. I grew up hearing wonderful stories in this bed. We would climb in it with her in the mornings and evenings when we visited her, and she would tell us all kinds of interesting things. My great aunt's given name was Julia Madeline (But she hated the name Julia!). I named Gracie after her, but changed "Julia" to "Julianna" ... and now we have Julianna Grace (Thanks, Rebecca, for helping me choose the perfect name for Gracie!). Gracie also has inherited Madly's big iron bed. I know that Madly is so happy in Heaven knowing that both of her namesakes will cherish this heirloom forever.
And do you know what the funniest thing I remember about Madly's room in Montgomery is??? She had a pin cushion on her dresser for all of those years that I absolutely loved. It was red and had little Chinese children circling around it. I found one just like it in China when we went to get Gracie, and it now sits on Gracie's dresser. I believe that all things happen for a reason in our lives, and this is just one more way that I know that God's plan for us is always at work. We have reminders of this in our lives everyday if we just look carefully enough.

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Mike & Ramona said...

Funny, my grandmother had that pin-cushion and as a I child I adored it! What wonderful memories and customs to pass down to your daughter! And I love the bedding! Gracie looks very happy in her new room.