Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Face of Swine Flu and Cabin Fever

Here are some of the latest pics of the kids and a short update.

Gracie has somehow lost two teeth. How does this happen at almost five? (She is five now, but lost them before the big day.) And they are the two front bottom teeth. Gracie's tooth fairy came, and her name is Celia. Garrett also had lost a tooth (It was pulled.) so the tooth fairy came to both of them that night for the first time. Garrett's tooth fairy's name is Lucky. They are still the cutest little babes even without those front teeth. The dentist has told us that Gracie's roots for her teeth are somewhat shorter than most kids so she will loose her teeth a little earlier than most. This is due, they say, to the birth mother's nutrition and possibly from having an illness during her pregnancy with my sweet baby girl.

Gracie turned five on October 14th. I still cannot believe it. Four years have come and gone, and the time just continues to fly by.

Then, we had the adult Halloween party the next weekend, and it rained like CRAZY for three days. I have never seen so much rain! But we had about 40 people here in the house regardless of the downpour, and everyone was dressed up in their best Halloween costumes. Van and I went as Titanic survivors. We were going to be victims up until about an hour before the party, but decided not to do all of the death makeup. We wore very Victorian costumes with life jackets on top. It was a great party!

The swine flu hit us about two weeks ago. Garrett got it first. He really had a mild case, and is better now. He had two days of fever, body aches, and a cold. Gracie got it about a week after he did, and her flu resulted in much higher temps, not feeling well at all, and more respiratory issues. She still has a pretty bad cough. We are told that this is pretty normal for this flu. I am so glad they are getting better. I was pretty freaked out about it at first. They both are just such healthy kids. This has been an experience for Van and me seeing them both so sick.

We did let them go trick or treating around the neighborhood regardless of the illness, but they kept their distance from everyone. They had a great time, and so did we. Lots of candy, lots of costumes, lots of fun to be had!

October was just NUTSO. We had Gracie's birthday party on the 10th, the adult Halloween party the next weekend on the 17th, and then the swine flu hit. I am hoping November is MUCH more relaxing for us. I have Cabin Fever right tired of being in the house with sick kids. That's not relaxing, believe me. Ready for health to return, and still praying we (the adults here) do not get the flu too.

Here are some pics of our October events.


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